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Intasol Services: Tailings Deposition.

Tailings deposition is an ongoing dynamic process requiring unique operational expertise to strategise and mobilise the required works whilst being able to identify changes, problems and improvements through operational wisdom in order to provide resolution and deliver effective execution.

The INTASOL Tailings team has the expertise, passion and skills to deliver on various deposition methods including cycloning (single and multi-deposition points), daywall / paddock, hybrid, spigot and spigot spray-bar methods. With experience spanning the globe (South Africa, Africa, South America, Europe and Australia) our team members have the knowledge to ensure the safe distribution of the received slurry, surface water control and pond positioning, controlled water decanting, dust control, revegetation, return water management, as well as the maintenance and management of ancillary structures.

Case Studies

A selection of case studies from our projects.