About Intasol Tailings

The INTASOL Tailings team collectively has more than 100 years experience.

Intasol Tailings strives to create meaningful value for all our stakeholders.

Established in 2015, INTASOL Tailings has made considerable inroads into the market. The company is built on the decades of international experience of its founders and the commitment of its employees. Operational excellence and bespoke solutions are what make the group sustainable. We are also known for maintaining excellent client relations through teamwork and transparency.

Human capital is at the heart of our business. We are very proud of our team of employees whose passion and dedication sustain our success.

Our employees enjoy ownership of their projects and extensive support from company leadership, resulting in high levels of motivation. The net effect is that we are agile in responding to the everyday challenges of tailings operations and able to introduce inventive solutions at each site.

Operations run efficiently thanks to our professional teams on the ground who carefully consider and measure every output of the tailings management process—from re-mining tons delivered to a plant, to freeboard on deposition dams, costs, and client satisfaction.

Our teams maintain excellent levels of service delivery by implementing bespoke operating procedures for each site. Our disciplined approach to following procedure contributes to the efficient running of sites and supports our reputation as a trustworthy partner.

INTASOL Tailings works closely with its clients, to the extent that operational teams at the various sites are viewed as extensions of client structures.

To add value for all stakeholders, we continue to develop the operational, business and leadership skills of our employees.

Case Studies

A selection of case studies from our projects.

INTASOL Tailings has been involved in Tailings, Hydro mining and Advisory projects across the globe.