Project Case Study

Lion Ferrochrome Smelter Paddock Tailings Dam.

INTASOL Tailings’ teamwork is paying off at the Lion Ferrochrome Smelter in Steelpoort, where we are operating the ferrochrome tailings deposition dam.

We have sustained excellent operational performance on the dam since taking charge of deposition in April 2017. Within five months our team successfully raised the freeboard from below compliance to well beyond this level.

The team follows basic principles for building a first class tailings deposition facility on the Paddock Dam. We start every day with setting safety and production targets, then discuss and adhere to a deposition plan. We maintain safety awareness through daily mini risk assessments and toolbox talks.

The ferrochrome tailings deposition dam stores final waste pumped from the mine. We pack the slurry on the dam wall and drain off associated water through the dam’s penstock. This is then pumped to the mine’s return water dam. We allow sufficient settlement time for fines in the centre of the dam to provide the mine with clear water for industrial use.

With an ethos of mutual respect, team members are actively encouraged to suggest inventive ways of tackling challenges. Weekly communication sessions provide a platform to discuss operational improvements and exchange ideas.

Staff have a strong sense of ownership and pride in their work because their plans and ideas are implemented whenever feasible. Past suggestions have included the review and development of our safety checklist and strategies to maintain standards.

“INTASOL Tailings started operating the dam with an experienced team leader and a number of new team members. The team members have grown and learnt from each other so that they are now all at the same standard. I like challenges; I learn every day and this goes back to teamwork.”  Site manager Thage Nkabiti