Project Case Study

St Helena Cyclone Deposition Dam.

INTASOL Tailings transformed the 283-hectare St Helena tailings deposition dam into a first class venture within its first three months of remediation.

Our team succeeded in raising the freeboard from zero to three metres after putting the correct infrastructure in place and closing and repairing the low points on the dam wall. We also established a good cyclone routine to bring about the correct sequence of deposition and thus continuously grow the freeboard and reshape the dam basin. The fact that the dam’s water has formed a deep clear pool on the penstock is an indication of just how well controlled the operation is.

Teamwork and leadership were key to transforming the dam into an exemplary operation. Seasoned site managers and supervisors worked side-by-side with our rigging and deposition teams to entrench a culture that embraces commitment and excellence.

Supervisor Andries Mnyaka continues to train the growing staff contingent in our operational standards. Andries has nine years’ experience in supervising tailings operations and 15 years’ working on tailings dams.

His success is evident from the smooth performance of the rigging and deposition teams, the fact that we consistently realise the deposition target of 500 000 tons per month and the transformation of the standard of the site.

Andries says that what inspires him and the rest of the team to perform their best is the company’s positive spirit and culture of affirmation. “There is always respect and communication between all levels of staff. For this reason, I believe the company will do well.”

INTASOL Tailings is dedicated to building and maintaining an excellent operation at St Helena.